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After School Program


All Nations Christian School offers aftercare for Gr 00 – 7 students from Mondays to Fridays during school terms.


12h30 – Playtime
13h00 – Lunch
13h45 – Afternoon nap
14h45 – Homework and Constructive Play
16h00 – Snack
16h20 – Free-play and cleaning up before home time
Parents collect children by 17h30.


12h30 – Grade 1: Playtime
13h30 – End of school day
14h15 – Lunch & Rest
14h30 – Homework (with 15-20 minutes break)
16h30 – Snack, Relax, Play, Clean up.
Parents collect children by 17h30.


  1. Children have to be registered for aftercare.
  2. Grade 00 and 0 children must provide a blanket and pillow for their afternoon nap.
  3. Parents must provide an extra lunchbox for lunch after school. The lunchbox must be clearly marked with the child’s name. It can be kept in the school fridge during the day. A microwave is available to heat up food.
  4. The afternoon snack will be provided by the school office, preferably fruit.
  5. No child may leave the school grounds for any reason while in afternoon care.
  6. Gr 1-7 students may bring civvies for the afternoons, adhering to ACE standards.
  7. Though homework should be done during aftercare at school, parents must still sign the Homework Slip, in acknowledgement of complete/incomplete homework.
  8. Children have to be collected no later than 17h30.
  9. Parents, who fail to collect their children on time, will be liable for a penalty fee of N$150.00.
  10. There will be no aftercare on a day when school closes for a long weekend, midterm break and holiday.
  11. Registered children attending aftercare for less than 10 days a month, will be charged a daily fee.
  12. Registered children attending aftercare for more than 10 days, will be charged the monthly fee.
  13. Should a registered child not attend the aftercare, the school office has to be informed before 12h00 on the specific day.
  14. Cancelling of registered aftercare, must be in writing before the 20th of the last month the child is attending.
  15. Children, who are not registered for aftercare, who attend occasionally have to arrange this with the office during morning school hours.
  16. Non-payment of aftercare service will deprive your child of further aftercare attendance.


Registered Aftercare Students:

Payment is monthly in advance.

Grade 1-7 Monthly fee: N$900.00 per child

Daily Fee: N$80,00 (if attending less than 10 days a month).

Grade 00-0 Monthly fee: N$450.00 per child

Daily Fee: N$40,00 (if attending less than 10 days a month).

Penalty for collecting children after 17h30: N$150,00


Non-Registered Aftercare Students:

Advance arrangement and payment per day: N$200,00

Penalty for collecting children after 17h30: N$150,00

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